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The Worlds Best 50 Restaurant 2016 – Restaurant Geranium @no.28

The Worlds Best 50 Restaurant 2016

Restaurant Geranium @no.28

I came to New York City to support Restaurant Geranium for The Worlds 50 Best Restaurant awards. Restaurant Geranium was formerly positioned at no.51 on this list; however, has also been once placed at no.42 in the past, which you might find bizarre for a restaurant that has received Michelin star(s) for many years, as well as other prestigious awards, this doesn’t count in The Worlds 50 Best Restaurant award listings. This list does not relate to other awards and is a standalone listing. It is an award that many people may have heard about but perhaps do not know the criteria and significance or what the award represents, therefore I will offer a brief personal testimony on this prestigious award and how it went yesterday.

I wear two hats in regard to this award, the first being a fan of fine food, much like one is a fan of football, a musician or band, actor, or specific interest. When many fans are put together, this creates popularity. I have never been a fan of any one person such an actor or musician; however, I have always admired the Arsenal football team. As a young girl I was a Brownie Scout and girl guide with hobbies such as collecting and pressing wild flowers. I was a fan of nature, in particular the study of trees, and also had a strong interest in playing sports and listening to music. These are mostly typical age appropriate hobbies, and as the years pass and we develop new interests and become fans of new interests. While I still love nature and sports, I am a grown up fan of champagne, cars – particularly fast ones, and fine food, which goes nicely with champagne and supercars!

Restaurant Geranium and other restaurants around the world have fans who love the cooking, tastes, environment, and concept of their favorite restaurant. My family owns Restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen, with Chef Rasmus and Søren Ledet therefore I am undoubtedly a fan of Rasmus Koefoed, our Head Chef.
Rasmus is a gentle and focused meticulous chef who is humble, down to earth and a very quiet person. His genius and ideas are outstanding for his industry and region of study. Additionally he is a role model to thousands with his three Bocuse d Or trophies (bronze, silver and gold). In him we have a guy who simple knows how to create, produce and make success through his passion, love, dedication, loyalty and undisputed focus and strong work ethic.

When we came to New York, we had no idea of where Restaurant Geranium would be placed on the Worlds 50th list, making this a very exciting journey. There are no real indicator on how one scores on this list so you cannot even dare to calculate or speculate where you stand in relation to the top 50 restaurants and the 50 more up to 100.

3 Michelin star – Le Bernardin 
Tuesdays lunch at New York’s famous Le Bernardin with Chef Eric Ripert voted no.24 in the world was an example of top class well thoughtful food and where my husband Lars and I met Rasmus and Søren Ledet, Søren is Geranium’s Head Sommelier & Director. Also along was our daughter Eloise and her two girlfriends, Lykke Saeves and Caroline Brasch Nielsen, which gives us a family relationship with our chef /sommelier team and we do enjoy each other’s company with our families.
We spent the lunch enjoying the chef’s surprise menu. The meal was outstanding and it is a social treat to watch other great chefs discuss the food and style of other great chefs while eating and enjoying. Our Sommelier Søren ensured we tasted something special wines we never tried, which is an exciting learning experience.


During the meal there was no discussion of the upcoming award event that evening except confirming meeting time, rather the afternoon was spent enjoying the good food, wine and exceptional company.
Lunch was soon over and we were off again. The limousine arrived while Virginia shuffled he little toes to pose for a selfie , I snapped her getting into the vehicle.
Virginia Newton is another great part of Restaurant Geranium main administrative crew , she is the media / PR lady who simple never sleeps and continues to pour out excellent work and amazing results.

The Worlds Best 50 Restaurant 2016 - Restaurant Geranium @no.28 with Virginia Newton

The Worlds Best 50 Restaurant 2016 – Restaurant Geranium @no.28 with Virginia Newton

The evening mood was relaxed and I did not get a sense anyone being dissatisfied even with the ranking of number 50, everybody was so happy.
So we arrive with ranking no.51 in my opinion that is not great but as the Restaurant Geranium has had a 2 star for many years , I assumed it has never been visited enough by that particular group since this award is based on visits from a special hand picked committee. If a group of delegates arrive at a city and many of them fail to visit your restaurant, you will never be listed for the vote. In fact, you need many of these delegates to individually visit your restaurant.

The delegates are a secret, and no one knows who they are; however, without a doubt I imagine they are all qualified experts. I personally would like to know how this team decided which restaurant per city they visit and how they chose the restaurants and if they go alone or as a group?
The award event was fantastic and a full house with many chef friends I have personally become acquainted with over the years, as well as new friends you meet during a fun filled night when everybody is happy from the 50th placement to the 1st is ecstatic! The host of the evening was also fantastic and was interactive with the crowd.

Resturant Geranium must have been the second biggest jumper on the list this year, moving up from number 51 to 28 – a whole 23 places – landing in at the 28th best restaurant in the world!!!! This is an awesome achievement and placement. A small country like Denmark must feel proud to have three restaurants placing in the top 40 on this prestigious list. We were beaming with pride for our teams accomplishment. It was a fan filled and fun filled evening where in the end, everyone is a winner who secures a spot on the list, so congratulations to all!

imagePhotographer: Ole Troelsø


1.The Worlds Best 50 Restaurant 2016 – Restaurant Geranium @no.28

2.There are only five cities in the world with three restaurants in Top50. Lima, NY, London, Mexico City and CPH. Quite cool! Only two cities with three in Top 40, Lima and CPH!

Read more about the rules here http://m.theworlds50best.com/how-the-voting-works

As this is my first time take on this and I am no expert in this award and system of listing, so please those of you with a critical knowledgable mind should read this article link to get your mind around yet another point of view of scoring in this great competition, I am sure there’s many more takes on this, to be found.



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