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Vores 31 års dag | Our 1st DATE

It is not our wedding anniversary; however, the day we met is also worthy of celebration.  

It went like this….

When I met Lars, it was late in the evening at a night spot in Piccadilly, in London’s West End. I was dressed for a night out with my girlfriend Justine, single and in our mid-twenties, the night before Valentines 💘 we just left work and getting drinks.

At that time I worked in Victoria as an office assistant , it was a part time job while in my first year at North London University studying BA in Contemporary European studies in hopes of working in Europe related to the Commonwealth, which never came to be. I could never know how my life would change and the many adventures in store for me.  

Meeting Lars, a young guy new in London, I thought Lars was English as his dress was very London City gentleman , pin stripped suit, the inner side parts was with a red satin inner lining , he wore a pink shirt , literally pink and made by Thomas Pink shirt makers , with complementary short cuffs in blue , a pair of Churches shoes and a royal blue spotty with white, cravat , how stylish I thought and then after our first conversations his spoken English was perfect ! Two reason I took to him was this attraction..

I kept asking where are you from? as I couldn’t place his English accent.

Finally he said Denmark, and I said wo! how exotic, a Scandinavian man, how intriguing !

Who knew he was to be the love of my life?

On ones first meeting , some people are on the shy or nervous side, but that’s not me. I was curious, never having met a Danish guy, I thought it was exciting to learn another culture and his etiquette was spot on for the job he was associated with , plus he was such a gentleman with a cheeky grin .… a year later and half later we married

Looking back it’s been a brilliant and interesting journey together.. We agreed we wouldn’t have children as both of us were super focused , both our own drivers, that plan fell through when love takes over , all hell breaks loose.

We planned many things but Lars was always the great forecaster, his future plans and predictions always spot on , some are born with that skill…. And so we went on . Today , the most important is that we stay healthy and able to enjoy a full life of activities we aspire to succeed at. Once more let’s enjoy and continue the saga and work on the legacy for making wonderful memories–enough to fill a book which I should soon write so stay tuned! 

Happy Meeting Day should always be celebrated and with that comes reflection of our years together building a family, collaborations in business and many shared interests while pursuing individual passions. Though we are not in our twenties anymore, we raise a glass and toast to our many good years together.–and many more to come!  

  • Mia Kondrup
    Posted at 20:39h, 13 February Reply

    What a beautiful family ❤️

  • de la Cruz Jennifer
    Posted at 21:11h, 13 February Reply

    Love your love, your stories and all your succes’s 🫶🏽 Happy anniversary to the both of you wish you many more

  • claus dahl
    Posted at 21:27h, 13 February Reply

    Wonderful Yvonne!
    Congratulations,to both of you ❤️

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