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The Promise of 2024

I am so glad to jump into 2024 , glitzy bubbling and sparkling together with my husband Lars our 5 daughters and their loved ones we had a cosy family moment at home, oh how much I love my home and the satisfaction to be blessed with such wonderful children and grandchildren , it makes my efforts with my new company worthy.

I don’t hold much store by making resolutions (often broken by February), but for me, the New Year, is a time of promise.

We can take the lessons learned in past years, dust ourselves off and put 100% of our energy into a better future.

With the arrival to two more beautiful grandchildren in the family, my sights are set on our important role as custodians of this beautiful and fruitful planet.

Champagne Les Cinq Filles gained organic status in 2023, and it is with great satisfaction that I see more and more businesses doing the ‘right thing’ by eradicating or reducing the use of chemicals, promoting biodiversity and delivering the promise of a better future for our children and grandchildren.

In 2024, I am focussed on the bountiful earth of our Avize vineyard and extending my studies of organic farming and soil science . As a champagne winemaker, ensuring that every sparkling glass delivers a true representation of our magnificent Côte des Blancs terroir, with its unique minerality, is a priority.

The past year was a wonderful year. There was the growth of our champagne brand into new markets like Denmark, Dubai and Nigeria, new experiences and the opportunity to meet some truly inspirational people.

It wasn’t all positive, but then, if we didn’t have some negative experiences, we would never grow. I have learned the hard way that in business, verbal agreements and trusting that people will keep their side of a bargain, does not always work. It’s a shame that we can’t rely on the spoken word, but from now on, this winemaker will need everything in writing!!

Wishing you and your families all the health, happiness and success that 2024 could possibly bring your way.  


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