The Chemistry of Love

Be my Valentines … are 3 words many of us have thought and maybe spoken. Associated with the younger generation but actually you are never too old to be loved or to share the chemistry of love.

This is day 2 of celebration in my household as yesterday February 13th was the day, 29 years ago I met my husband so we have always a double whammy of love.

I am the romantic one …so I have been busy decorating with balloons filled with helium, soft cuddling items , scented candles , red petals and always a special champagne to celebrate in style. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t seem the same without the sparkle of golden bubbles.

YSC Life Valentines Day Balloons

All it takes is imagination, a desire to be a little different, do something or give something unexpected – and perhaps a deeper understanding of why we celebrate Valentine’s Day at all.

It’s about creating your own special chemistry of love.

A truly memorable Valentine’s experience requires thoughtfulness, creativity and an investment of yourself that we often feel we don’t have time for, in our busy modern lives. 

I believe we should always make time and put more thought and more of ‘ourselves’, into ‘sharing the love’ on February 14. That sharing can be more than an obsession with just one person. It can also be helping those who need love the most, by participating in Valentine’s Day charitable donations or events. 

So, don’t let modern cynicism and commercialisation spoil age-old traditions that give us comfort and a sense of belonging. I guess you could say that traditions are good for our soul and our psyche. They help us understand our place in the world and define our values and culture. 

Valentine’s Day is a tradition that dates back to the 14thcentury and it gives us a reason to celebrate in another year that may be fearful and difficult for people all over the world.

YSC Life Valentines Day Decorations

There are several accounts of St. Valentine, but they agree that he was a Christian martyr, who was gaoled and executed in Rome in the third century, for his beliefs. It is thought that he was a priest who defied the emperor by performing secret marriages. The emperor had banned some marriages, because he believed that single men made better soldiers. Valentine was gaoled for his ‘crime’ and tried to convert his gaoler, who challenged him to heal his blind daughter. Miraculously, the girl’s sight returned. It was one of many healing miracles that also made Valentine the Patron Saint of Epileptics.

After his execution, they found a letter to the daughter in his cell. It was signed, ‘from your Valentine.’ 

In the 14th Century, Valentine’s Day became a festival for lovers. Chaucer wrote about sending love letters called ‘Valentines’ and hundreds of years later, Shakespeare penned the phrase, ‘Sweets for my sweet’. Today, we still associate February 14th with flowers, red roses a symbol of love, though all flowers given show love. Champagne chocolates, cakes and sweets is the ultimate dream.

This week I have highlighted 2 of Copenhagen’s grandeur’s for flowers and sweets , we have Bering House of Flowers Royal Purveyor Bering House of Flowers is located in the heart of Copenhagen. They have a skilled team who puts together the most beautiful flower arrangements for any occasion. They create and deliver beautiful flowers all year round, with international acclaims they are experts in flower displays , exceptional in dressing the flower shop window even the greatest flower dressers from the Chelsea flower show bows in awe. Sadly with covid its quiet year for all but remember to take a walk to your closest flower shop and say it with flowers … dreamily flower delights a single rose to say “I love you“

Say it with sweets BODENHOFF 16 generations in the business, one of Europe’s most celebrated bakers, Bodenhoff, continues that tradition today. At Bodenhoff Bakery in Frederiksberg, Valentine’s Day is a festival of special ‘love heart’ cakes and delicacies with a wonderful gift set this year with Champagne , say it with sweets “ I love you “ enjoy it with bubbles… say it with “Les Cinq Filles” champagne at its best🥂🌹

YSC Life Valentines Day Champagne Glasses

Chocolates on Valentines is a symbol of love and are usually love heart shaped always wrapped in pink or red, the colour of love.

Back in the time of the Aztecs, the cocoa bean (creator of chocolate) was used as an aphrodisiac, and Aztec ruler, Montezuma is believed to have consumed it before romantic engagements. When we fall in love, our brains release a chemical called phenylethylamine -a chemical also present in cocoa beans. In today’s chocolate confectionery, the amounts of the chemical are too small to have an effect. Still, the idea of giving chocolate as a romantic gift in beautiful heart-shaped boxes, didn’t come along until the 1840’s, mostly due to the work of Richard Cadbury, who turned drinking chocolate into solid chocolate treats in beautifully decorated boxes.

In the end though, celebrating Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for us all to do something thoughtful and special for someone we love, or someone who needs love. It is a day that has inspired generations around the world. 

Funny little poems called ‘gaekkebrev’ are sent by secret admirers in Scandinavia.

In Estonia, February 14 is ‘friends’ day’and gifts and cards are given to friends. The Welsh celebrate Valentine’s on January 25, by giving carved ‘love spoons’

Iraqi Kurds decorate red apples, which are believed to bring prosperity and love .

The Philippines is famous for its Valentine’s Day mass weddings, where thousands of couples, who otherwise could not afford a wedding, can marry without cost. The government pays for the venue, flowers, wedding cake, a sumptuous wedding banquet for the couples and their families, cash and in-kind gifts, and sometimes even the wedding rings. 

Perhaps one of my favourites though, is South Korea which celebrates love on the 14th day of every month. St. Valentine taught us that love and giving can survive an oppressive regime, and even gaol. Why would we not celebrate its enduring power every day of the year. 

As well as love and epileptics, St. Valentine is also the patron saint of beekeepers, so in his spirit, we can get busy and create a little sweet chemistry this February 14.

HAPPY VALENTINES ❤️ to all my friends where ever you are ENJOY the day. If you are together love each other , if you are alone love yourself and if you can share the love. Have a wonderful day

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