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Supporting kids with cancer

Get on your bike with Team RYNKEBY

Full disclosure–I am not a cyclist. Living in Denmark for many years, of course I admired many of the inhabitants riding bikes for transportation and recreation around the city. 

It was a big surprise when my friend Dr Lars Meinert Jensen asked me to join a fundraising cycling trip with him to raise money for children with cancer from Copenhagen to Paris.

You heard right–CPH to Paris for a total of 1200 kilometers over two weeks. (a total of 2000+ kilometers including training).  I politely declined; however, Dr Lars can be convincing.

First is the tug at my heartstrings for the goodness of the cause. As a mother of five daughters, who fortunately are healthy, I can only imagine the emotional, physical, and financial toll of having a child with cancer.

Perhaps I can support the cause without cycling the 2000+ kilometers I asked? Lars, a doctor, was insistent I join the team, and convinced me the second reason for participating is to get in the best shape of my life while doing the world some good.

While I am not known as an avid cyclist, I am a person who is willing to try new things and push beyond my comfort zone. I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree as a returning student after decades since being a student. I was determined but afraid, yet, I kept at it and was rewarded with a degree and hard earned knowledge and confidence. As a Black woman in the wine industry, racing luxury cars, or any number of “spaces” not populated with people who look like me, I am used to breaking ground and blazing trails. I have never backed down from a challenge, and this ride is no exception. The training regime will be rigorous but I am part of a supportive team, Team RIGET united by a worthy cause.

Cancer has taken the lives of people I love, so this ride honors their memory as well the children. After some thought, I came to the conclusion there is no good reason not to join the team.

I hope you will join me in some way–make a donation and sponsor me, and follow me on my journey of training and the actual ride as I chronicle this experience through my blog and social media. If you happen to be on the route and see me whizzing past, on my bike, wave and give me a shout out, I will be glad to see as many friendly faces along the way.

Dear friends!

In celebration of my birthday, it is with great pleasure that I can tell you that I will be cycling with Team Rynkeby from Copenhagen, Denmark to Paris in France on July 9th, 2022.
This means that we must  raise a lot of money, which goes to a good cause, namely the Team Rynkeby Foundation to support the Children’s Cancer and Children’s Lung Cancer Foundation.
I ride with Team Riget(Rigshospital)
So, this year, I would appreciate it, if you would support this project with me. I am honored to participate in it and it can be done in the following ways:
1. You can buy one of the 50 spots on my cycling jersey, which I will both train in and of course wear on the final trip to Paris.
 2. Train with me.  Of course I have to train up for this trip and who cares to train alone, not I, So,  I have therefore made a training concept where you get the opportunity to cycle / train privately with me, where you can donate DKK 1,000 per kilometer we get to bike together.  We find a date together, and then we have to step on the peddles.
Alternatively, we arrange a day where we train together in a group. A group trip where I suggest possible dates and each participant donates 100 DKK per.  kilometers traveled max 20
3. Design a YSC Champagne bottle. To the creative artists in my network who think it could be fun to design their own champagne bottle for a good cause.  Here is a unique and fun opportunity for just you.  The bottles will subsequently be sold at auction at one of our restaurants.
I am so proud and excited about this great experience that awaits, but most importantly, it all goes to a good cause and everybody can at anytime contribute any amount directly to the account , no matter how small the amount is, it’s truly  appreciated , you will be recognized, so remember, if none of the top 3 possibilities work , please show that you care!
Let’s get some logos on my bike suit. Let’s get the bike a few kilometers together and let the creative artists design some interesting champagne bottles that we can sell at the auction ❤️
 #Be sponsor and support the good work of children with critical illness. 
At the same time, you will get your logo on my cycling jersey, which I will be cycling around Europe from March 2022 until we hit Paris on July 16th.
Picture Credit : @ANNABANG
Thank you to Anna Bang , you are full of incredible creative talent you beautiful creative woman , thanks for drawing an amazing Caricature of me on the bike … viva Champagne let’s give it full gas 🚴🏾‍♀️
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