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Yvonne Seier Christensen - Springtime

The Sweetness of Spring in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen had super fantastic weather this weekend! Weather has a big influence on our mood, and with temperatures reaching 21degrees everyone in the city seemed to be upbeat and outdoors enjoying what is hopefully a prelude to a lovely summer! My spirits were defiantly lifted by the warmth on this early May Saturday. At 1600 hours I was standing alone outside Hotel D Angleterre soaking up the sun and watching life pass by. My thoughts turned to the last few days spent in Florence celebrating my wedding anniversary with my husband, who had just posted enchanted words of love on Facebook. I felt the warmth of those recent memories on the inside coupled with the unseasonably warm temperature on the outside, a perfect combination! While basking in the sun, a sweet surprise arrived in the form of donuts, decorated in spring pastels. The bearer of this gift was none other than Cody Safi, my oldest daughter Zara’s friend and old school mate. Cody, his brother Hyper, and the Safi family are the founders of the popular Donut Shop. Cody was with his lovely girlfriend Nezire who convinced me to try all three new flavors! How could I resist donuts bursting in the colors of flowers blooming throughout the city? Absolutely delicious! I recommend you sample them, no doubt they will put you in a springtime mood and sweeten up your day as they did mine.
Springtime Copenhagen
Donuts and summer like weather can be distracting. While munching on the donuts I reminded myself I had an appointment with my friend Robin and his wife Stine, of Robin SKJOLDBORG Photography. Robin has been our family photographer for many years and we agreed a few hours before to meet and take photos. Cody offered to drive me to the gate entrance of “Kongshave”, the meeting point with Robin and Stine. As you might expect, it was filled to the brim with sunbathers soaking up every ray of sun as if it might never come again. Cody suggested we take a different approach and go somewhere less crowded, which was hard to imagine on a day such as this. We found ourselves at Bispebjerg Kirkegård” a cemetery of all places, not exactly what comes to mind when looking for a place to take happy pictures on a spring day.

Bispebjerg Kirkegård Cemetery is a place I would expect to find an avenue of Japansese cherry trees; however, in my life I have learned to expect the unexpected! Last year I went to Japan specifically to experience cherry blossom season, and while it was magnificent, I hardly expected to see these blossoms right in my own backyard. it makes one grateful for those who had the imagination to create this flowering beauty in a cemetery of all places, not always associated with pink blossoms and the new beginnings of spring. In fact, many people might shy away because of sad memories and loss. And for some a cemetery, also known as a graveyard, reminds them of scary movies and ghosts.

When I was young I used to cross the street and walk as far as possible to the left when passing any graveyard. If I passed a graveyard at night, even though it was surrounded with high walls, I would cross the road hoping I was safer. Thoughts of ghosts and witches from Halloween and unpleasant boogie men stories would come to mind and I found myself walking faster and even picking up a sprint just to get past that graveyard! Too many nights watching scary movies and listening to ghost stories.

Luckily I am over those childhood fears and could enjoy the beauty and serenity of Bispebjerg Kirkegård. We had a wonderful afternoon and realized how beautiful a graveyard can be, even a bit romantic as I noticed several couples enjoying themselves on the grounds. Spaces are not always defined in one way, and serve several purposes at the same time. While a cemetery is a resting place for those who have departed, it is also and also a space for unexpected natural beauty that offers us a place for people to enjoy, share love, mourn loss, and find peace and quiet. Our old preconceptions and fears can prevent us from discovering new meanings and experiences. I love Spring because it is the season of new beginnings and also of surprises. On a warm sunny Saturday afternoon in Copenhagen, I learned that pastel donuts and pink cherry blossoms in a cemetery is a “sweet” way to kick off Spring in Copenhagen!

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