Rungsted Seier Capital Ice Hockey Club A Family Affair

Rungsted Seier Capital Ice Hockey Club: A Family Affair

Ice hockey events are just one of the ways I support my husband Lars’ work with Seier Capital. If you asked me a few years ago, I didn’t even know what Ice hockey was truly about. Adopting a new sport was easy once I understood the game and attending one of the many matches is an amazing experience, a true show of good sportsmanship where team spirits are high and you see the true meaning of working together happening. I am in awe of the fans and have a big respect to all that follows and proud to be a little help and contribute to the bigger picture.

At the end of this month, we will hold the Annual Rungsted Seier Capital Partner Network Event at our home, Schloss Schwarzenbach. This event is truly a family affair!

Creating fabulous events is my forte and what I have been doing for many years, starting with our first company, Midas in the mid 1990s working along side my husband and his partner Kim. My role was to organize many of the company parties, which in essence are events.

In those days we even took one of the company parties to our home in Holte. Of course, the company was small and our garden could manage all the employees. Company parties are a yearly ritual and great tradition; however, the largest one I worked on was when Saxo Bank had its 10 year anniversary at a beautiful castle in Fyn. This was a momentous celebration, which required a great deal of complex organization and team play. Since then I have moved on to many more events, including birthday parties for over 400 guests, three great weddings, and of course as the main event organizer for my Club Supercar AG, sportscar events especially close to my heart.

I am proud of the events I organize and enjoy the effort tremendously, therefore, it is quite natural that those around me draw on my experience and elaborate way of working, bringing a unique twist to each event. I envision a picture for an event and then I execute; however, the budgets are not always on my side but for sure I know how to access reasonable goods to make ends meet when necessary. I am left with the task having to out do myself, even on my own projects, which is quite annoying as I am currently negotiating with myself how I can top my last birthday party with something not necessarily as big but certainly something different and original. At this point, I have a reputation to live up to!

Luckily the Rungsted Seier Capital Ice Hockey Partner Event is not complex, rather creating a warm environment at our home for two days, which is a gesture of thanks to the partners of Rungsted SeierCapital Ice Hockey Club for their contribution and support. It is very important to show your appreciation and let each partner know we are grateful for their support by inviting them to experience something different in their own lives. I rack my brain thinking about what would be fun and express our gratitude at the same time.

This time last year Rungsted Seier Capital held its first Partner event in Switzerland where the 2 days were filled with a warm welcome and brunch on arrival

Rungsted SeierCapital by ysclife

A Stronghold of 80 Partners arriving for brunch

great meetings with guest speaker and a wonderful match with dinner at EVZ Zug ice hockey club at the Bossard Arena completed the evening.

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Partners arriving for the evening dinner and match in Zug

Foto: Jan Korsgaard

Foto: Jan Korsgaard

Partners join because it’s a believe in the club, are fans of the sport, some are local to the community and some are from afar. The Partners are leaders in industry and are happy to share the wall of fame with the players, and perhaps most importantly they are proud to be associated with the club. Every sport team needs external financial support to pay for team operations and as a result of this support from various industry members, they become part of a network of like-minded people who share highly revered ethics. It’s a win-win and good balance that a sports club can provide pleasure and something they are proud to show their employees, clients and even their families.

Being part of a winning team is always great and the big happy smiles are out but it’s the name of the game to lose too and it’s even greater to be a good loser.  We must just have to try harder next time!

The team director Finn Rosenthal explained to me about a historical moment that’s just recently came to pass , Rungsted Seier Capital recently won away to Rødovre 3-2 where #15 made the decisive goal in overtime which puts Rungsted SeierCapital in the Cup Final at home February 7 PM with TV broadcasting, this match with anticipation must be watched, their will be a winner and a loser, it’s the name of the game.

Rungsted i finalen efter Rosenthal-mål seks sekunder inde i overtiden!

If you love being part of a sports team with a group of people who share a common goals, passion for the sport, and networking then consider joining the Partner Club of Rungsted Seier Capital Ice Hockey Club, and don’t forget to bring your entire family and circle of friends!  With it’s nearly renovated guest lounge, the club is slowly gearing towards a more homely environment where one can ” hygge” sig  = “be cosy”

The Club is like one big family, which is why creating and working with this event is a true pleasure as everyone makes this a real family affair!

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