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Back to real life after the Christmas holidays

Back to “Real” Life After the Christmas Holidays

Happy New year to all those I missed on social media now back to work!

Happy New Year to all those I missed on social media

All year we plan for Christmas – stashing away money for gifts, imagining how we will decorate our tree and homes, arranging family travel in advance to secure reasonable ticket prices, and thinking how we can outdo last year’s celebrations. All this effort culminates over two weeks of Christmas and New Year’s winter breaks from work and school.

It’s rarely we have chances to slow down, visit family, visit friends or simple just take time to stay in our pajamas all day watching movies if that is what we choose, or perhaps doing outdoor activities as my family did, skiing in Arlberg , Austria.

We choose to ski with our family

We choose to ski with our family


Despite months of painstaking planning and build up, I am always amazed how the Christmas and New Year holidays are over so quickly over. The start of the holidays is earlier and earlier every year, with Christmas displays and decoration on the high street even before Halloween is over. Are we craving the break ? that’s why Christmas fever starts early? Are the holidays an excuse for a break that many of us truly need? Is it a spiritual time or are we just happy for the break? Perhaps all of the above!

Now Christmas is over for some but for the Russians they celebrate their Christmas today, January 7th and now this week the Chinese are just preparing their New Year so it’s still not over for many.

I face the end of the holiday season rather reluctantly because its time to take down the decorations, which is a pity as it’s so beautifully created.

Bjarnes, beautiful red oversized acorns

Bjarnes, beautiful red oversized acorns

This year I was inspired by a display of ornaments that had a lot to do with my Spring fever! All the Christmas stuff I’d rather leave for others, therefore I decorate an ambiance of the winter season and thoughts of a spring that I hope will be on it’s way very soon.

Bjarne's golden bambi

Bjarne’s golden bambi

Bering House of Flowers  Denmark
My favorite florist, Bjarne Als, organized six brilliant individual displays around my home, indoor and out. His team is amazing! Some of the displays included oversized acorns, fern cones with circus style flying hippos in balloons and elephants prancing in my favorite color red. Outdoors we had a winter/spring effect with branches, trumpets and horns playing festive tunes and a golden Bambi resting in glitterized follage combined with hummingbirds and butterflies – all built on branches invisible flying. www.beringflowers.com

Springtime theme & hummingbirds

Springtime theme & hummingbirds

Even though it’s not a Christmas theme it’s just beautiful. I hesitate to take them down; however, like everyone else, it is time to focus on moving in to the next round of holidays and events, as getting back to the business of “real life”.

Picking up the pace after the holidays can take some doing back to real life after the holidays for many the transition is not an easy one.

Back to work and reality! Two of my good friends, Jeanet and Tina are good examples of this.

Jeanet, I am guessing has a flu, and while she is back at her desk, she ought to be home in bed recuperating!

I ask her…

Jeanet shares a private message with keeping it real

Jeanet shares a private Facebook message with me

I just love her picture, it inspires me to write and captures dedication.

Tina on the other hand … and I am again guessing , has been gazing too long at the computer screen with her glasses resting on her desk. I think she ought to to go home – or is she having a thought nap? I find it amazing how much you can learn about a person just by looking at their desk – post it notes, pens pencils, favorite books and the clutter we keep as coziness around us.

Tina shares a private message on Facebook

Tina shares a private Facebook message with me

While Jeanet suggests in her message

“New glasses?” I still suspect Tina has tired eyes 🙂

Being back to work is also a way to resume important parts of our lives that we start to miss during the lazy holidays?

The New Year represents a fresh start

We make resolutions and vows to loose weight, be kinder, spend more time with family or friends and perhaps not work as hard or versa vice.

I do wonder why we use this as a moment to start new? We are influenced by society that we round everything off in December and set new goals for the coming year based on our performance, desires and hopes. January 1st could be any date really and though we all align our thoughts and energy to believe that January 1st we get a chance to start over, I like to think you can start over anytime in the year, without all the hype and collective expectation to become a new and improved version of yourself. I think that might just be my new year resolution – to embrace the possibility that everyday offers a new start and we get to choose. Wishing you all lots of first and second chances throughout the new year  and another big shout out!!
Happy New Year to all those who I didn’t get to SMS , text or a WhatsApp on the actual day, you know I do wish you all well and all the best ! Enjoy your year too , look forward to hearing and sharing with you in this 2017!

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  • Ash
    Posted at 20:33h, 09 March Reply

    Loveee reading this Yvonne!! You have a beautiful family and I agree it goes too quickly!! When you spent months planning and organizing that one day to get your whole family together! I think we will have Christmas in London this year which will be awesome!! Hehe I heard it’s beautiful during Christmas! See you this weekend! Xxxx

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