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A Luxury Holiday May Be More Possible Than You Think – If You Act Smart! Part 1 – 2

A Luxury Holiday May Be More Possible Than You Think – If You Act Smart! Years ago, being able to enjoy a luxury yacht cruise or 5 star hotel, meant you had to be rich ! The luxuries you see on the television and read in the glossy magazines seems out of reach for “regular folks” it seemed like a dream and say you have the extra cash, you still might need special connections to get you to your dream destination in style.

Where I came from, you had to come from the right class and rely on your friends and connections to put in a good word for you; however, today you can split the costs on a luxury holiday to make your dream a reality.

It’s nearly September and the weather is still amazingly warm , I have been yachting with my family, my friends Jan and Lis and Mrs Remmen , she owns Hotel D ‘ Angleterre in Copenhagen, Denmark we have been yachting this week along the Mediterranean on this beautiful yacht called the D Angleterre II, which is co-owned by my husband Lars Seier Christensen.

This experience is in the top tier of luxury, and now you too can cruise along the Mediterranean at an affordable price.

If you love the Mediterranean and the idea of sailing from one beautiful port to another in the world renown Cote d Azur, including Nice, Cannes, and St Tropez, it is a possibility today in a variety of different ways. I have visited these towns via car and for those of you who know me, a super car road trip has always been my preference of any holiday I make. Today; however, I am trying out the 5 star floating hotel and you too soon can do this with five other couples, which decreases the cost to sail on a big beautiful yacht. Okay, it’s not cheap but it is more feasible by splitting the costs makes the dream a reality.

Yachting is part of “jet set living”; however, it all depends on the boat size, and this yacht is 40 odd meters with 5 luxury suites and a Danish chef who serves meals and snacks throughout the day. I even gave up my diet and detox just to enjoy the full experience.

Yachting is a passion and a hobby for many people; however, for those not in that group, they may not realize how many yachts, sail boats, and sea vehicles are on the waterways. Perhaps they think it’s too difficult or remote a possibility for a luxury holiday. I am here to tell you this holiday is a real possibility for someone going solo, as a partner, or with group. If you travel alone or with one person, it is a fantastic chance to meet new people who have the same sense of adventure. While traveling on a yacht, you also have the possibility for visiting interesting attractions on land, local markets, traditional local attractions including dining at the finest restaurants or even picnicking on one of the local islands you pass by. During my five days on the yacht this week I will be having lunch at Club 55, a trendy rendezvous in St.Tropez for celebrities that is now accessible for anyone who makes a reservation ahead of time , feasting on delicious French Mediterranean foods and of course the popular rose wine from Provence. What a glorious way to spend the last days of summer!

Yachting today is accessible for everyone by chartering it, therefore be smart and you could be starting or ending your summer next year on the D Angleterre Yacht II.

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