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Harvest 2023 – Its a family affair

Basket presses throughout Champagne had been singing longer and louder than usual this harvest season and you’ll be able to follow their vintage song right through until bottling.

Now , fermentation is fully underway and If you haven’t heard the news already – Harvest 2023 was a massive harvest, with big bunches of voluptuous and beautiful grapes. 

What a delight for many including 2 of my five daughters and our  grandson Othilo who joined us this harvest in the fields.

It’s a pleasure to have your children join in the work , rolling up their sleeves to hand-pick the fruits of our legacy.

Looking back , Spring was perfect the year started out great , then it 

It rained rained and rained then suddenly a heatwave and plenty of sun and then August to all our surprise it rained again so this combination was perfect condition for the size of the grape bunches we  saw and in a way a pleasure to have picked.

In my opinion it will show an effect on the final quality yet to be seen as we farm organic grapes which historically tend to be tighter bunched grapes  and smaller grapes with collected intensity.

The other great news is that our vineyard in Avize on the Côte des Blancs was completely disease-free, for organic growers like us particularly growers of Chardonnay grapes, the exceptional volume and quality of the fruit was a great endorsement of our chemical-free and biodiverse approach.

The allowable quote from the CIVC was the largest ever and we are hopeful that the quality and concentration of flavour in the grape juice isn’t compromised by the size of the fruit caused by the unsuspecting weather .

It is many years since grape growers have seen volumes like these and the hectoliter production will be very high.

This year harvest  will be recorded as a vintage harvest as a newcomer to the family was born and our family has expanded so of course we will do something special and mark 2023 a Vintage year.

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