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Considering the founder of this festive romantic love day was executed (poor Saint Valentines) it’s amazing how many celebrate a day they have no clue about. Happy Valentines has been around since I was born but I remember when I first visited Denmark during the early 90s they never heard of Valentine’s Day. There was no merchandise in the stores, home, or on the street. So how did all the young lovers express love?

Today we all have a special earmarked for sharing love and many can’t wait for February 14th to do just that!

We grab hold of the love ❤aspects in shape of hearts, in a bouquets roses, and in cupid’ arrow aimed to those we desire. It’s a day to say “I love you “ even to a stranger if you dare! We use Valentine’s Day to say we are single, eligible, and interested in a date. Funny that on this day once a year this type of behavior is acceptable – even the shy can send a card to someone they admire and the not so shy to do something extravagant. it’s a day to send love messages, perhaps anonymously. It’s a day a husband or wife can go the extra mile to let their spouse feel loved and special. It’s a day all girls, and now guys can giggle, be sweet,  and stay unexplained. It’s a day for everyone that feels some type of love to express it.

Expectations are high, hearts are beating, girls and boys are on equal playing fields – the girl can send to the one she most admires yet be innocent. What I really love most of all,  it’s a day even for the unromantic to consider romance, the sad to be happy, and the happy to be happier because a red heart on a card goes a long long way. It is not too late so just do it – find a heart or even a rose or a card and write a few words to send to someone you admire.

Buy roses, drink champagne, and tell the person next to you “I love you!”

Today at Les Cinq Filles we lift our glass and drink rose to all who believe in love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My day started with my love pouring for me

Rose Champagne Les Cinq Filles Champagne , Biodynamic 3g/L

On Valentines ❤️ It’s his time to pour

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