Forecast for the Future: Looking Bright

Forecast for the Future: Looking Bright

As a businesswoman, mother of five daughters, a mentor and recently a future budding student, I am a friend to many amazing women and I continue to meet them through my life’s journey. I am proud of my generation of women regardless what they do and no matter which generation you were born in, we are in it together. It is a silent revolution we are in and you are breaking history and making the future brighter for those who follow you.

Gone are the days when woman are expected to stay home, though many still do by choice if they are able, and that’s fine; however, through access to a better education women are acquiring a high level of skills, which allows them to accomplish higher goals. The future will tell . In the past it was a feat getting a high school education, though now we have many more women professors and CEOs, and woman have shifted the paradigm on the stereotype of only a homemaker to business woman, entrepreneur, accomplished artists, and world leader. Woman are on the move !

The future is shareyourconnections

With all that said, women today are still mothers, whether you bear children or are an important person in a child’s life, the mothering instinct is there. If it is conditioning or perhaps a special kind of DNA and hormone, I think of it as “nature” and “personality” that many women have, a ” caring factor that can be considered a weakness in a competitive environment. I believe it is essential to continue the reproduction of our species; however, I will address the “caring factor” in future blog and why woman should be able to climb the ladder of success and still be able to have children at the same time.

I love to work in groups and be inspired by others, it’s my way to identify myself with a world of so many differences, which intrigues, excites and gives me the zest in my life. Learning is fun, hence, most of the time I am happy whether I am good at it or not -as a lifelong learner life is exciting every day. To be successful is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, rather it takes a thought and being decisive – sometimes in a moment’s notice; however, always requires perseverance. We are born alone and die alone; however, no one makes it in this life on their own – we all need help in one way or the other. And remember being successful is not always about money, success can always be measured through actions you are satisfied with and give you purpose.

Life is not sunny ☀ everyday regardless where you are in your life so instead of staying indoors on turbulent days like on Thursday, embrace, be mindful and think through the challenges.

Forecast SYC

While we still have a way to go in terms of women’s rights and equality, there is much to be hopeful about. I was inspired to start Share Your Connections to build a network of mentors to support women in their dreams and aspirations, education, entrepreneurial, and personal journeys – and who better to do this than women who have blazed the trail!

I can think of a number of young women who dazzle me, and as the mom of five daughters, I never have to look too far. My daughters have friends and my friends have daughters so you can imagine how many worthy stories I could share that would impress you. I intend to dedicate future blogs to profile these amazing young women; however, in this blog I like to highlight my youngest daughter, Angelica, who at 16 years old has started her own line beauty line called Jellairehairglam, an online shop retailing the finest quality hair extensions, mink eyelashes, and complimentary accessories.

ysclife forecast for the future

Jelly as a child was creative and disliked school (who didn’t?) though she was naturally smart and never had to do much to understand what was being taught. I on the other hand need repetition – I am the type that needs to study hard but she conformed well in the system until her teens when makeup was the rage. At 12 years of age she was unstoppable, starting with light foundation to full eye makeup. Angelica was an expert makeup artist by 14, and hair was her next thing. On weekends she would be curly, special events she would be blond and today she carries extremely well a silver purple fashionable looking hair extension. Angelica creates her own looks and is developing a hair color range, as well as sourcing the finest hair extension in all lengths and thickness.

Angelica, is aspiring! visit her website and watch out for her new YouTube channel under her alias name JellyOlamide

Angelica Forecast YSCLIFE

 As a mother and business woman I am bursting with pride about Angelica’s initiative and vision. I intend to continue to support Angelica and others like her who show the drive and promise to reach new heights. Stay tuned for more profiles that assure us the forecast for the future is bright, thanks to a younger generation of women who are the innovators and problem solvers, and most importantly to those who mentor them.

ysclife forecast for the future

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