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Feel lucky in London

An early morning landing at Heathrow airport was in low fog  and  the rising mist from the morning dew shivered over the lone aircraft , it was waiting for us to pass, it looked kind of creepy as it stood mighty high , still like a carbon 3D eagle just landing.  You could call it smog as that’s what this haziness is most famous for especially when landing in London.


My usual driver from Goldline Chaufeurs picks me up and before no time we are already passing through central London, it strikes me how powerful and energy uplifting swinging London is.

The noise levels have risen tremendously , and the sounds are many, listening is hard, compared to the idyllic sound of; first the Swiss mountains  and  then Copenhagen of yesterday , which is coincidently just an hour and twenty minutes flight away, the pace has changed, we are in a new world, the traffic continuously congested, the people walking like army ants , everyone seems upbeat and in a hurry, the famous red London bus’s, over packed with commuting passengers , crowded Oxford street and bustling Piccadilly Circus is it really only an hour away from this peaceful Copenhagen I left a few hours ago behind.

We drive by a number of pubs and as I gaze through the tinted mercedes  S class window, I wished to stop off for a quick half pint of beer and a packet of salt and vinegar walkers crisps but of course I cannot detour otherwise I will be late for my meeting.This was a happy go lucky day in buzzing London. The journey started off originally from Zurich to Copenhagen (those of you who follow me on snapchat would have seen the takeoff and landing with some funny video clips inbetween) stopping off in CPH for a day where I enjoyed a few quiet chilled days relaxing with friends before boarding the plane again to London.

While people from all walks of life navigate to this melting pot of cultures is facinating.


My eldest daughter Zara arranged my stay  at the supercool The Chiltern Firehouse -best known as London hottest celebrity hang out and playground. Chiltern firehouse is owned by the famous hotelier André Balazs – who also owns several stylish boutique hotels The Mercer, Chateau Marmont, Sunset Beach etc just to mention a few.

Hotel, The Chilton Firehouse

After a fabulously welcoming checkin by The Chilten Firehouse “uber” good looking reception team,  I had a relaxing lunch meeting with Nan , I head off to gentleman section in Harrods to window shop summer collection for my husband Lars, I love pulling out items for Lars, it is so simple to shop men’s wear compared to women, you just get a couple of trousers and shirts , and you are done for the season.

Shopping is also fun in London as everyone is pretty open and free to small talk, everyone talks with you and happy to share the  simple things , the knowledge or know how, it doesn’t matter as in the UK generally it’s quite common to talk to strangers , like a passing comment or compliment or even about the weather conversation is easy in this city.

While shopping for Lars in gentleman section in Harrods, I randomly meet a lady doing the same as I and we chatted about life and shopping, who was she? I have no idea, but this is what I love about London, you meet and make conversations easily and it doesn’t matter,  uncomparable to Switzerland and the conservative well mannered natured nation.

After Harrods the chauffeur drops me at the Apple Store, oh wow ! It’s been renovated once again but still a far cry to my experience last month in San Jose Apples head quarters that was again a shocking contrast.

So happy to back in the town where I grew up, I quickly realise what this vibrant city does to me: I feel uplifted and alive – it just simply makes you fresh and standing on your toes, being in London is like a workout, you feel fit and roaring to go!

The evening ends with drinks at Chiltern Firehouse where I meet my oldest daughter Zara. We talk, giggle, people watch and enjoy champagne and suddenly I bump into the lady  from Harrods… What a coincidence – Such a small world!! London is big and small at the same time.


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