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A champagne bowl with ice and Les Cinq Filles Cuvee

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee

“I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I’m not

– Coco Chanel

Launching: Champagne Cuvée  Les Cinq Filles

As autumn leaves fall, I am finally taking a break to share what’s been happening during this hectic year, yes I am finally launching my own Champagne Brand Cuvée Les Cinq Filles.

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee bottle

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee bottle

My champagne journey continues and I am now studying Viticulture & Oenology. I believe in lifelong learning, particularly when you have a passion. Building knowledge has allowed me to go from dedicated consumer to proud producer of a very fine soft bubble champagne cuvée called ” Les Cinq Filles”. The possibility of making my own champagne was a logical next step for me; however, it was not about finding a vendor, paying some money, sticking a label on any bottle and then calling it your own. For me, it had to be hands-on from start to finish, including each and every detail. Fortunately, I had friends who could lead me in the right direction!

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee - Yvonne walking among the Vines

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee – Yvonne walking among the Vines

My good friends in Paris, Pierre and Antoine suggested I worked with their family friends, whom I met some years back in Lourmarin a beautiful town in the Luberon region of Provence who happen to own vineyards in Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne. This connection was a dream come true, and before you know it, I was on way to see the winemaker Vincent. When my vision is clear, I have little hesitation, therefore I went to Champagne to a small town called Verzanay to actualize my dream of producing champagne. With a lineup of tasting glasses before me, I began a long discussion with Vincent the winemaker about the tastings of vintages and blends. It was a moment of ‘Tirage’, literally, where all in Champagne are busy in the cellar to laboratory doing the very same thing – a synchronous moment of bliss. 

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee - Verzenay

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee – Verzenay

Champagne based on 100% Chardonnay grapes, which is my preference and woman generally like that taste – it’s calm. Known as Blanc de Blanc, it is always delicious whatever the brand; however, for Les Cinq Filles I wanted as little sugar as possible. Creating great tasting champagne without the added sugar is tough but I was determined and for those of you that know me well, determination equals results!. The truth is, I love the taste straight from the barrel – It gives true expression and authenticity of flavor and terroir (sorry Chris). Chris is my Wine Production Lecturer who recently lectured in class about on “what is terroir”.  I know he is cringing as he reads this. Well, I believe there’s a huge gap in today’s  vain market where health and beauty are center stage, and as hypocrites, we still indulge yet want to stay healthy while drinking alcohol a bit of a mind game; however, that’s a topic for another blog!

Sparkling Bubbles 

My Champagne cuvée, Les Cinq Filles, is a zero dosage champagne. Low sugar content champagne taste can be challenging for non connosoirey; however, these days low or no sugar champagne is called “zero dosage”, a term that might be considered harsh. Actually it is more than “a little different”, I would go so far as to say a revolution is upon us – in a good way! I agree with the many smaller champagne houses that want to focus on cultivating from land directly to palate. This brought my perfect champagne to life.

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee - Wine tasting by Yvonne

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee – Wine tasting by Yvonne

Once the champagne cuvée was created, I made a disgorgement of 2000 bottles. I created the brand including bottle labels, bottle design and website. I was involved in each detail. My knowledge and experience came into play because I knew exactly what I was talking about, what I wanted my champagne to say and what I wanted to tell the experts and lovers of champagne. From the tasting notes to the website content and the best food pairings – none was blindly left to others. 

I knew my champagne had to be fine tasting and luxurious, yet at the same time classic in style and accessible to all. As the champagne comes from one of my personal passions and family traditions, I wanted to give it a story – I had no intention of launching just another pretty bottle that looked like all the others. For me, every great wine brand has a story behind it. All my favorite champagnes certainly do. I chose my champagne story to be the greatest loves of mine and my husband’s lives – our five vivacious, beautiful, and fantastic daughters. It makes sense, really, creating a champagne from start to finish and nurturing it’s growth and development is much like giving birth, therefore the story of bringing children and champagne in the world is a similar experience.

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee - Bottle on a table

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee – Bottle on a table

So this is what I’ve been working on all summer – it’s been a challenging journey, yet rewarding and fun!  After several trips to and from Verzenay, some fabulous lifestyle shoots and wine tastings – my first collection of champagne has just arrived and being prepared for sales. We are planning the official launch for Denmark where our family restaurant is based, and then expand to other gourmet restaurants, shops and specialist Champagne bars.  It has been a long journey; however, I am proud and pleased with the results. Stay tuned for notification of the launch – I’m super excited to share it with all of you!

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee - Bottles in boxes on a Pallet

Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee – Bottles in boxes on a Pallet ready for delivery

Watch DR K tonight with Chris Pedersen – his fabulous program on luxury is spot on and I am featured !! 

Buy online at Leisner Wine now, the first 10 purchases will receive a special gift!!

Please join our new facebook page for the Les Cinq Filles: https://www.facebook.com/LesCinqFillesCuvee/

Update – 30/11/2017

Yvonne in Lyst til luksus on DR K

If you did not have the chance to watch the Episode of “Lyst til luksus”, where I was featured, it is possible to watch it in the DR TV’s archives. You can click the image above, and it will take you to the episode. Some people will not be able to watch it there since there are some restrictions on DR’s website.

Visit my site, http://lescinqfilles.com/, for more information about the Champagne Les Cinq Filles Cuvee.
It is also possible to purchases the bottles directly from there.

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