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Champagne and Football

“In victory you deserve to drink champagne; in defeat you need it.” 
(Napoleon Bonaparte)

Today we are celebrating FC Copenhagen winning the Superliga with bespoke champagne bottles especially designed for the occasion. Contact us if you would like the same for your football club.

Whether celebrating a family occasion, or a football championship, great occasions call for the extra special cachet of champagne!

ysc life yvonne seier christensen champagne and football
Kicking off the champagne season in style
ysc life yvonne seier christensen champagne and football

Champagne is the iconic symbol of achievement, fun and luxury and for decades it has been associated with victory in sport.

Where people gather to enjoy themselves, in football clubs, sporting venues and concert halls, you will generally find champagne.  And for savvy clubs, it will proudly bear the team or house logo and colours – a bubbling representation of their brand. 

What better way to offer fans a unique and exclusive product!

Here at Champagne Les Cinq Filles we celebrate sporting achievement and the finer things in life.  Football is a sport that brings people together, and it is fitting that fans and players will celebrate their victories with a glass of champagne.

We may not be scoring goals on the field, but we can deliver wins for football clubs, their members and fans, by bottling the taste and sensation of celebration within especially branded bottles.

See Champagne Collection here:

ysc life yvonne seier christensen champagne and football
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