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Les Cinq Filles is waiting for you, by ysclife

Books and Bottles on a Thursday Night

Books and Bottles on a Thursday Night

I attended a book signing at Løgismose rooftop store in Illums in Copenhagen last Thursday night 23rd November.

Not just any book signing; however, it was the book launch of Søren Frank’s book CHAMPAGNE. Of course, this is a title I can get excited about, for me it is the greatest word, pronounced the same in any language, always conjuring the idea of fun and celebration.

If you are not familiar with Løgismose, it is Denmark’s only high product profile delicatessen store, which is known for its uniquely prepared food from all over the world, their own homemade sauces, and a line of ready to eat food products made in their own kitchen from land to table. The beauty is you can purchase complete meals prepared like a gourmet restaurant would be serving. In addition to a superb gourmet food line, Løgismose offers high end wines spirits and champagnes. The perfect combination! Soren Frank’s book Champagne was launched some weeks before, and thanks to an unexpected gift from my husband I had my copy. Considering my passion for champagne, perhaps I should not have been surprised but it’s always a treat to receive a gift. Since the book is published in Danish, I am able to brush up on my reading skills while learning more about champagne!

You know these moments when you are rolling steady with an idea, and then suddenly you get a phone call that with the perfect opportunity for execution, life changing even? Well, that happened last week. My first retail order came in from Løgismose. Within hours I organized my crew, created and delivered a serving table with lustrerie champagne bowls, a few dozen long stemmed champagne coupe and three smartly ornates with butterfly aprons adorned by lovely young girls to manage the service.

Les Cinq Filles

Keep pouring … Les Cinq Filles cuvée

Champagne Les Cinq Filles has its Official launch February 2018

While this was not the official launch of my champagne, we were just  guests supporting the book signing by one of Denmark’s most renowned food and wine writers, where I had the honor to serve Les Cinq Filles cuvée amongst other very fine champagnes to Soren Frank’s and his guests for his book launch, it was a nice moment to feel public opinion and with his support, it all went well. Søren Frank signed every book with a personal signature, which is a thrill to receive for anyone.

I also had an opportunity to sign my champagne box for a mother who purchased a bottle of Les Cinq Filles for her daughter, a serendipitous moment considering the inspiration for my champagne was my five beautiful daughters.

Les Cinq Filles cuvée by ysclife

A mother to another mother special moments

This evening reminded me how in one phone call, if you are ready and willing to seize the moment, a great opportunity is on the other end of the line! In this case, I made a splash of my own with a group of champagne enthusiasts from the Løgismose wine club and those whom were invited to have their book signed had a tasting of my delicious new champagne and I even sold some bottles – not bad for a Thursday evening!

Cuvée Les Cinq Filles by Yvonne Seier Christensen

Les Cinq Filles. Gift wrapped and on the shelves

I hope you will go to Løgismose and try some of their fantastic food and of course, pick up the CHAMPAGNE book to read while enjoying a bottle of Les Cinq Filles to accompany your meal! Løgismose is open all week long, not only on a Thursday night.

Long live Champagne! – Part 3

An open invitation

Those of you who, read my Champagne Journey Part 1 and Champagne Journey Part 2, will have an idea how the brand has developed. Thanks to Løgismose, who invited me to this event, has helped towards making the brand, Les Cinq Filles, more visible to the general public. I look forward to being invited in the future by other professionals, experts, and bloggers in the Wine and Spirits, to showcase and talk more about Champagne.

Peter diligently pouring the next glass of Les Cinq Filles cuvée champagne

Peter diligently pouring the next glass of Les Cinq Filles cuvée champagne

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