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Amazingly rare Champagne bubbles

Yvonne and Lars sharing amazingly rare Champagne bubbles

Usually, it’s the husband that has the honor of taking his wife out on a Friday night for champagne and dinner; however, this Friday I took my husband out to show him my passion and have him join me in tasting amazingly rare champagne bubbles in realtime.

The theme was to taste a set of varied & rare collected champagne from Jan’s wine cellar and for a modest ticket  price have an experience of a lifetime in the company of like minded people and a pairing menu.

The weather was not as warm as earlier in the week though I had it in my mind to wear a pretty white net dress regardless of the weather. In my Cinderella Louboutin shoes we departed the Kings Square with my love on the steering wheel. I giggled silently with excitement at the thoughts of what the evening would bring. After all, champagne tasting at Sollerod Kro! is a very special moment!

Søllerød Kro


We were with our friend Peter, a fellow champagne connoisseur, scholar & graduate from CBS, a friend by my side who also had coincidentally had a seat to attend this special champagne tasting as well. We were extremely fortunate to have secured our seats a few days before and even more so to have Peter at our side to talk us through each glass tasting was a privilege.

We were 21 champagne Affciandos gathered in the dining room with a table adorned with tasting glasses. The tasting began in the welcome room with a glass of Cristal 2000 in a magnum. Magnums hold always better so one could be sure that the quality was held. Champagne in fact all wines hold better in such great sized bottles.


The location is quite special. The Restaurant belonging to Sollerod Kro is idyllically situated in the heart of the suburbs and the perfect setting for the Brunn & Rasmussen special auction house to host a its magnificent dinner tasting with champagne of 6 different bottles from 1976 and 6 from 1996. One of my favorites this night was the 1976 from Taittinger Comtes, which is historically the best ever vintage with notes of creme brûlée, caramel, lyng honey and mature pineapple, slick minerality and mature white burgundy notes together with a fine and controlled mouse. Complimenting the champagne was a magnificent menu created by Head Chef Jan Restorff who beat his own game again by producing great food and excellent service.


The champagne tonight was in focus, and we know from history that champagne represents fun, delightfulness, sparkle and love. My husband once said to me I am the champagne bubbles in his life, and this magical evening we were lucky to taste many notable rare champagnes.

Thank you, Søllerød Kro & Bruun Rasmussen and remember to  join their auction tonight for more amazing rare champagnes on offer, could be yours .




Rare Champagnes

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 1976 and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 1996 in good company amongst Krug, Dom Pérignon etc.

Brunn Rasmussen (Wine auctions)
Søllerød Kro

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