Yvonne Seier Christensen Professional Curriculum Vitae
About Me

I am Yvonne Christensen, entrepreneur, mother of five daughters (yes five!), wife, carer, photographer, and world traveler.

I was born in the United Kingdom; however, my roots are in Nigeria where both my parents were born. I have lived in several countries other than the UK including Germany, Denmark and most recently Switzerland. I often think of myself as a nomad, roaming and learning as I travel around the globe. My children have been the center of my life; however, now they are in school or living their adult lives and I decided it is time for me to explore and share my adventures with all of you who have common interests and passions through YSC Life.


We are all on a journey with stories to tell. In this we all have a special and unique lens. I am fortunate to be able to travel to many destinations and meet fascinating people from all walks of life. Sometimes these meeting are brief, and others are long lasting. While we may have varying circumstances and backgrounds, we also have common threads in our experiences as parents and partners, aspiring entrepreneurs, artists and lovers of art, and a range of interests and hobbies we long to pursue. In life we succeed and stumble, lend a helping hand and are grateful for those who extend one to us. We are moved by love, loss, beauty, and the magic of connection. YSC Life is my way to bring you into my story and me into yours. I am excited for this journey and our taking together. So buckle up friends, it is going to be one hell of a great ride!